Here at Quernmore Valley Cottages we are committed to providing a good quality service, whilst minimising the environmental impact of our activities, and ensuring guests have a comfortable and pleasant stay. A symbol of this commitment is our membership of the Green Tourism Business Scheme which encourages sustainable practices to enable the continued enjoyment of the natural environment around us for future generations.

At Quernmore Valley Cottages we encourage guests to:

·         Use environmentally friendly washing and cleaning products

·         Recycle household waste in the bins provided & compost green kitchen waste

·         Support the local food producers and visit local restaurants

·         Explore the local amenities by utilising the information packs and various maps of the area provided in each cottage.


Our commitment to Energy Saving


o       Installing Solar PV panels at Beck Cottage generates sufficient electricity for the dwelling and feeds surplus power back into the national grid


o       We have recently renovated Beck Cottage to the highest specification for insulation and installed double-glazing throughout


o       Low energy light bulbs are fitted where possible


o    Household appliances are A-Rated in Energy Efficiency


Our commitment to Water Saving


o       All toilets are fitted with dual-flush water saving facilitie


o      Taps are aerated (where possible) to reduce water consumption


o       Showers are provided in both properties with monitored water pressure


o       Water efficient dishwasher & washing machines installed


Our commitment to Waste, Recycling & the Environment

o       ‘Bag it & Bin it’ promoted throughout both cottages to protect septic tanks

o       All waste is separated & recycled where possible and any Hazardous waste is disposed of correctly

o       Environmentally friendly washing products and cleaning materials are supplied for our guests use

o       Environmentally friendly washing and cleaning products are used in our own cleaning routines


Our commitment to Nature

o       Bird boxes and Feeding stations are located in the grounds of the cottages to encourage wildlife to feed here


o       Natural habitats are left undisturbed with many species nesting in the grounds


o       All guests have free access to the surrounding gardens to enjoy the local wildlife